Refinance With A Loan That Helps Grow Your Wealth

Refinancing your mortgage can help you take advantage of good market conditions and low interest rates. 

For certain investors, it can also be used to leverage equity or a better credit rating for more favourable loan conditions.

If you think your mortgage might benefit from refinancing, our specialist brokers can help you find a loan that saves you money, improves your tax situation, and decreases your repayment time.

Discover how intelligent refinancing means financing for the future.

Home Loan Refinancing

Start saving by switching to a new, more affordable home loan.

Refinancing your mortgage with lower interest rates or an improved credit score can help you save significantly over the life of your loan.

You can also unlock built-up equity, switch to a new, more attractive lender, or even leverage your equity to invest in another property – intelligent refinancing can be a simple way to help preserve more of your wealth.

If you’re interested in exploring refinancing options for your home loan, get in touch with our experienced team today.

Refinancing For Self-Employed Borrowers

Being self-employed shouldn’t impact your ability to pay less on your mortgage.

Lower interest rates or an improved credit score might make refinancing your home loan a good way to save money and pay off your property faster.

Unfortunately, if you’ve opened a new business since taking out your original mortgage, obtaining refinancing through the big banks can be difficult.

Our brokers will use their industry networks and extensive experience to match you with progressive lenders who understand that being self-employed won’t impact your ability to make repayments.

Contact us to find out whether refinancing is the right pathway for you.

Refinancing For Investment Properties

When interest rates dip, refinancing your investment property mortgage can be an excellent way to take advantage of the market.

Similarly, refinancing can help you unlock equity you’ve built up through repayments or capital gains, giving you access to more favourable loan conditions.

We’ve been helping Australian investors build wealth through property since 2009, so our expert brokers can help advise you on the best refinancing strategies for your investment properties.

Contact us to discuss the best path forward for your portfolio.

Refinancing Through SMSFs

If interest rates have changed since you purchased a property through your SMSF, refinancing your mortgage may help save you money.

As part of our SMSF refinancing process, we’ll conduct a thorough analysis of your current super situation – refinancing can be costly, and it’s important to make sure those costs are outweighed by the benefits.

Once you’re sure that refinancing is the best option, one of our specialist SMSF mortgage brokers will work with you to find the best possible loan.  The regulatory requirements around SMSF refinancing are complex, which makes getting expert advice paramount.

Get in touch with us to explore refinancing options for your SMSF mortgage.

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